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Welcome to the .com tld home of the Tancho Sanke, a web site dedicated to this much loved of all Koi:

The Tancho Sanke.

Tancho Sanke -  http://TanchoSanke.com

A Stunning example of Tancho Sanke, the beautiful pattern and balance of colour making this a very fine Japanese example
. The brilliant white of this particular Koi is stunning, the depth of colour and health beautiful. The body and form is exsquisite, the depth of the blacks and the rich colour of the Tancho spot is a site to behold. This particular Tancho Sanke Koi is courtesy of a dear friend and a very fine fish to have grace the internet's most devoted domain to this Koi type. The Tancho Sanke is highly prized amongst the Koi world and others of the Tancho type are very, very rare in respect of number in regards to broods and each one individually unique. To find a high grade fish is a joyous occasion not only for the keeper when sourcing a dream fish but also the breeder alike. In the past I have seen smiles as big as can be, pure joy as perfection presents itself in the form of a stunning Tancho Sanke including my own.

Unless a particular Koi is cloned it is virtually a million to one chance and perhaps a many million to one chance to find a champion high grade fish. Sure the genetic selection of the parents (Broodstock) is important, the gene pool and blood lines of highly professional farmers are a closely guarded secret , the techniques too and even if they do produce a handfull of Tancho koi it is again a mirracle to find a gem hence they command such high prices. Some koi can go for many thousands of dollars, sometimes exortionate amounts are payed for particularly high grade fish. It may be why this domain is such a treasure too, well it is to me, you only have to look at the beauty above to realise why.

There is something almost magical about this particular Koi, well there is a magic in any koi to be honest, you only have to peruse JapKoi.com to accept that fact but in regards the Tancho, something almost Spiritual in symbolism presents itself. We almost draw parallels with age old Egyptian beliefs regarding the all seeing eye, the eye of Ra, the tancho marking sitting rather well in that spot akin to what we perceive as our minds eye but in our case human. In Japan the Japanese Tancho and the yin yang as symbols are often used to symbolise enlightement, balance, equilibrium and genetic balance between the male and female culminating in perfection. Numerous religions draw upon this symbolism of balance between opposing forces, to find representation in a beautiful fish of this type is fitting I suppose.

It is hard to explain my passionate draw to these particular Tancho Koi, well actually thinking about it looking above it isn't that hard is it? it has been the same ever since a very young child and nothing makes me prouder than to share my passion for the Tancho Sanke celebrated here. From the early days of the monks of old farming Carp for food, the uncanny coloured carp presenting itself amongst the many leading to intrigue alas to separation and then to the breeding of the coloured carp, the cult of the koi was born. Today's Koi are a joy to witness, a naturally occuring mix of genes  all those years ago has culminated in a global phenomenon.

As for my own fish in the past, my dearest personal pet Tancho Sanke 'Jester' , a koi that I will never forget passed away after managing to ground himself during the spring spawning temperatures a few years ago now. Any Koi owner will know that when the water temperature reaches 17 degrees C (14C+ in cooler climbs) and above it triggers a little Koi passion metabolism so to speak. Long may he live in Koi heaven, he was one of the best Ginrin Doitsu Tancho Sanke's I had ever seen, infact from one of my own broods. I will always miss that particular fish having nurtured him from ova to over 14 inches, I await the day a successor will enter the fold, well eventually as and when I can afford to set up another unit.

As for the web site and alas site's I really hope my Art work is doing some justice to the beauty of the Koi, it takes some time, I hope other Koi lovers will appreciate the time and effort. I hope you will also forgive me for sharing some of my music with you too, the world of music is so very hard to make an avenue in these days. Soon I hope to display some of my sculptures and paintings, koi related of course.

Tancho Sanke and Tancho Showa, the difference:

The Tancho Sanke and Tancho Showa are firm favourites of mine hence the dedication. Below is a Tancho Showa, note the difference between the two fish, the Tancho Showa has black encroaching into the spot:

Tancho Showa - http://TanchoShowa.com

Some of my music:


Koi Health:

When choosing Koi from your local dealer make sure you note the condition prior to buying, the fish may be wonderful but may be a little unhappy, surely their health and wellbeing is of paramount concern. A stressed fish is much more open to secondary infections. Most Koi retailers will offer a guarantee on their Fish or suggest keeping the fish until fit to travel. If in doubt do not take the Koi as further stress could lead to death in transit, a beautiful Koi deserves so much more. A reputable koi dealer will keep the fish for you and keep you posted on it's status. Our Koi become more than just a pretty fish in a pond, some are even trained to take food from the hand and even have their own names, I know mine always have.

When showing your Koi, transporting them in the most comfortable way, taking real care is paramount to keeping your fish Happy, in turn displaying the very best qualities in show.

All graphical work regarding the Koi images featured are by Tara, the photos used are courtesy of a kind friend and member of one of our Associate Japanese Koi Farm groups - We thank you so much.

This is the true .com home of the most beautiful of all Japanese Koi Carp varieties the ' Tancho Sanke '. The Tancho Sanke is perhaps the worlds most saught after and stunning type of Koi. The symbolism of the Tancho spot is important to Japanese culture let alone the country as a whole, the Koi appearing in Arts and crafts and is a national celebration.

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Some of my Musical compositions:

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